Neat & Net is a highly reputable cleaning services company providing fulltime or part time cleaning services in Dubai that offer high-quality cleaning services in Dubai. We cater to both residential and corporate locations throughout the city. The fast-paced lifestyle of Dubai often leaves people with limited amount of time to time to chores at home. Keeping the home clean and orderly is especially difficult for working professional who has full-time jobs taking up most of their time during the week and would prefer to spend their weekends with family and friends. Our professional maids in Dubai will be more than happy to help you with your predicament. Our Cleaning Services includes:
House Cleaning Services:
When you have no time for your Household works, Neat & Net Cleaning Services will help you and our expert team of cleaners will clean your home and you can relax in your free time. Our house cleaning services includes dusting the household items, mopping floors, Kitchen cleaning, wash room Cleaning, balcony cleaning, washing etc. all you have to do is just ask
Office Cleaning Services:
We provide the best Cleaning Services and cleaning solutions to all the offices, buildings, schools clinics etc. Each of our Cleaners is selected with a meticulous background Check up. We provide the training for our maids to make them professional. All of our cleaners are English speaking cleaners. So they are perfectly apt for office cleaning services.
Carpet Cleaning:
Cleaning a carpet or rug job is better done by professionals. Our professional cleaners have years of hands on experience in Carpet cleaning. Our cleaners use the steam cleaning method not just to remove the dirt from soiled carpets and rugs but also because it destroys germs, mold and bacteria and has strong sanitizing effect on the fabrics.
Deep Cleaning Services:
What do we mean by Deep Cleaning? Deep Cleaning is thorough and detailed cleaning of your property. It means not only lifting and removing dust, dirt and grime but also sanitizing the space that is cleaned. Deep cleaning involves reaching, cleaning and sanitizing all areas including those areas that are not reached during the routine cleaning.We provide deep cleaning services when you are moving in or moving out to a commercial or residential space. If you are looking a part time cleaner in Dubai you can expect us to any time.Hiring the services of deep cleaning company means you ensure your families or employees health.
Less than 440 AED / Hr / Cleaner
4 and more35 AED / Hr / Cleaner
Additional Fees
Vacuum10 AED
Chemicals & mop & bucket15 AED

All the prices mentioned above do not include VAT. Please follow the check-out form to see the final price including 5% VAT

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